How to use Android Auto in Android devices

The Android Auto feature that enables users to access their phones via their Android devices is now available in all Android devices, but the only way to get it is through the Google Play Store.Here’s how to use the feature.1.Install the app that you want to enable auto-access to your Android devices.2.Tap on “Manage Apps” […] →Read more

Why does your Android tablet look so bad?

The new generation of Android tablets and phones may look pretty, but they’re missing out on the best features you’ll ever need for a productivity and entertainment device.Here’s why.1.The Touchpad is gone Android’s tablet and phone manufacturers are making a lot of promises about the Touchpad.But what they’re really talking about is a keyboard.In short, […] →Read more

The Lad: The Video Chat Android app is an Android app that lets you connect with your friends on the go, even when they’re offline.

Video chat is the latest trend in the mobile industry, and it’s about to explode.There’s an incredible amount of information out there about video chat apps right now, and this app from the Lad Bible aims to help you make your video chats even better. →Read more

Google launches new Google Play Movies app

Google’s Android and Play Movies apps are launching this week with a new app that brings the web-based movie app to the smartwatch. The new GooglePlayMovie app will be free to download for Android devices and Google Play TVs. But Google also has a free, ad-supported version that will also be available to watch. It will be available […] →Read more

Why Are We Having So Many Smartphones In Our Homes?

There are many reasons that people are using their smartphones to take care of their bodies, including keeping track of their weight, keeping track on their health, keeping up with the latest news, keeping in touch with family, and more.But if you want to be able to see your smartphone and control it remotely, it […] →Read more

How to get rid of your android emoji wallpaper on your phone

There are plenty of ways to turn your android phone into a little android emoji.The trick is to not be tempted to use emoji as a way to make phone calls, share your location with others, or send an SMS to someone else.Instead, emoji are an essential part of every Android device, and they can […] →Read more

Procreate Android is a new way to play games on the Android TV platform

Posted September 07, 2018 03:21:31 Procreate is a game console emulator that allows you to play popular Android games on your TV.It can also emulate the Gamecube, which is available on the Google Play Store for a limited time.The emulator, which has been designed by developer Supercell, is available for $59.99 and will be available […] →Read more

How to play Fortnite on your Android device

I know you are probably thinking “I have a phone!”You probably have a smartphone that supports Fortnit.You probably use it for work, school, or anything else you can imagine.Now, imagine that you have an Android device with the same capabilities and the same settings that you would use for playing a game like Fortnition.So how […] →Read more

‘This is my life’: How a new way to connect to the world changed my life

A new technology that connects you to your surroundings allows you to stay connected to the people and places you care about.It’s called carplay.This week, we’re going to explore how the technology has changed how we interact with one another.This technology has transformed the way we live our lives, and we can all benefit from […] →Read more

Medical News Updates: Live wallpaper app on android devices is now available on the Play Store

Android TV Live Wallpaper app for Android TV devices was recently added to the Play store.This app is called “Live Wallpaper”, and it allows you to use your Android TV device’s live wallpaper to view the current live wallpaper on your TV screen.This is handy for people who like to watch a live video on […] →Read more