New Android devices can now download and share music and video from your smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth controller

NEW YORK (AP) — New Android phones can now use a Bluetooth controller on their displays to send music and videos from your smartphone or tablet to your television box, a new update from Google.The Google-made controllers, which have been sold separately since last year, have the ability to send data to your smart TV, […] →Read more

How to install Google Chrome Android 18 Beta in Google Android 18

Download link:!/platform/sdks/android/android-beta/version/18/build/detail/18.0/downloads/details/ (source)Android 18 Android Beta in Chrome is now available for download on the Google Play Store.You can also download it directly from Google for Android devices.Google has released a beta version of Android 18.0 that includes new features and improvements.Some of the changes included in the beta version include: →Read more

How to make your Retro ROM work on Android phones with RetroROM.

RetroROM is a custom ROM for Android smartphones and tablets.It’s been designed to work with RetroArch, a software emulator for Android devices.You can use RetroROM to run ROMs created by other ROM creators, as well as your own custom ROMs.You don’t need to have a RetroArch installation installed to use Retro ROM.RetroROM has an extensive […] →Read more

ARXA app for Android tablet goes live on Amazon’s app store

ARXa is the latest app from Amazon’s Alexa mobile app, which is one of the most popular Alexa-powered apps in the store.ARXAs Android and iOS apps are available in more than 50 countries and territories.The Amazon app on the ARX-A device works with Alexa, but the ARxA app does not.Amazon has also announced plans to […] →Read more

Australia to ban Facebook games after Australian Competition and Consumer Commission finds ‘inappropriate content’

Updated December 02, 2019 05:19:17The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued an advisory against the sale of Facebook games in Australia.The advisory comes after the ACCC received a complaint about “inappropriate” content on the social network.The ACCC issued a notice to Facebook on Monday, advising that it must take steps to prevent “inappropriately […] →Read more

This is a picture of a phone app

Android app is not a category for a smartphone, but it does have a place.And it has one of the biggest problems of them all: It’s a place for Android apps.For Android app developers, it’s a very confusing place to be.There’s not a single category that is a smartphone app, and it’s all a bit […] →Read more

How to find the best Android studio for your needs

Android Studio has finally been updated with a brand new version and is available for download now.The new version includes a few new features and some performance improvements.You can download the new version from the Play Store.Android Studio 1.4.1 Android Studio is the best IDE for Android development, allowing you to build and test your […] →Read more

How to Change Your Android’s Icon for Your Phone’s Battery Charger

When it comes to the battery, you’re not just limited to the standard Android version, but also a few extra Android apps and features.The more apps you have, the more likely you are to need to change your battery icon.Here’s how to change the battery icon in Android.1.Install an Android app.Download an Android apps to […] →Read more

How to watch a live TV show live from your Android device

When watching live TV on your Android phone or tablet, you will have a limited amount of available content.You can’t play any recorded TV programs, watch TV programmes on demand or even download live TV shows.However, you can use the Google Cast service to stream live TV programmes to your Android devices.This is a good […] →Read more

A ds emulator for android 18

Best android phone and ds emulation android 18 porn review best android phones,ds emulators android,best android phone ds,best ds android 18 source The Independent title Best Android phones, ds emulators and android 18 video source The Times of India article Best Android smartphones and dsa emulators Android 18 video article Best ds Android phones and […] →Read more