Google reopens ‘Cosplay Factory’

Google has reopened the Cosplay Factory, which was closed to the public in May due to the safety concerns surrounding the installation.

The Google logo is seen in the lobby of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California in this May 18, 2018 file photo.

The Cosplay factory has reopened after Google shut it down for several months due to concerns about safety, according to the Cosplays owner, who did not want to be named.

The company reopened the site last week after a lengthy refurbishment, according a statement from the Cosplayers.

The facility, a former porno store, is currently closed to visitors and has no public tours.

It was previously used to rent out adult-themed parties.

Google said it was “disappointed” that some patrons had complained about the “safety concerns” surrounding the Cosplaying Factory, according the Cosmen.

“Unfortunately, some patrons have expressed concern about the safety of the site, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” Google said in a statement.

“While we understand these concerns, we understand the community’s desire to explore their own personal style and costumes,” Google added.

Google announced plans to reopen the Cosmetics Factory in July 2018.

It is currently listed on Google’s “Google Maps” as a “temporary” location.

Google said it would reopen the factory after the refurbishment was complete.

The site reopened in November 2018 after the Cosperses asked Google to temporarily shut down.

Google was expected to resume operations in March 2019.

Google is also shutting down “Cosplay Studios” in San Francisco, a porno and adult-oriented production studio that had been operating since 2016.

It has since shut down its website and its adult-related business.