How to save time on Android, Google says

In June, Google unveiled a new way for its users to take a picture or video and share it online.

The app, called Android, lets users take a photo or video of themselves and share the picture or other photo or photo of the person on their phone.

But that feature isn’t yet available to Android users.

That is until now.

Now Android users can also share a video from their phone, even if the phone isn’t the same phone that the picture was taken on.

For instance, if a user had a phone with an iPhone 5s and the user took a video with their iPhone, the video could be shared to Android.

The same is true if a phone has a Samsung Galaxy S5 or an HTC One M8.

The feature is available in the Google Photos app for Android.

Google also announced the new feature is coming to Google Photos on the web as well.

So, to take the Google Pixel, which has a 4.7-inch display, users can choose to save it to their Google Photos.

In the Google Maps app, the same feature is now available to users who are in the US and Canada.

Users can also choose to share a photo to their friends on Android.

There’s a couple more new features coming to Android that will make sharing pictures and videos easier.

Google says the new Google Photos features will be available on the Google Chrome browser, but the feature will only be available for Chrome.

Google is also rolling out an Android app that lets users send photos and videos directly from their phones to Google+ accounts on other Android devices.

Google+ is the largest online community for people to post photos and video.

Google’s Android app lets users upload pictures, videos and other content to their phones or share them to other devices.

The new Google photo feature in Google Photos will also work on devices running Android 4.4 KitKat, Android 4 and up, and the Nexus 6P.