Apple tv Android, Apple TV Android, and iOS safe mode will remain as default for Android devices

The Apple TV and Apple TV Remote are now supported as default apps on Android devices, with Android Marshmallow now defaulting to safe mode.

The update also adds support for Samsung Galaxy S7 devices to the Google Play Store.

This means that the default Android apps can now be used for both Android Marshmallows and iOS 10, meaning users can now enjoy the best of both worlds, while still maintaining a safe and secure experience.

Google’s Google Now app, for instance, will now always ask for the current time and location before continuing to send you relevant information.

This is a big step forward for Android users who are increasingly reliant on their phones for their primary device functions, but Apple’s decision to keep its own apps safe means users will still be able to use the default apps when the phones are out of the house, regardless of what their devices may be.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphone has been one of the most popular phones for Android MarshMallows users, with over two million copies sold in just over a month, and the S8 is currently in a beta state.

The iPhone 6S has also been widely downloaded, with the latest version of iOS 10 also now defaulted to safe modes, making it a very secure environment for iOS users.

If you’re not able to update your device to iOS 10 and need to update to Marshmallow, there’s no reason why you should be forced to stay on the old operating system, as it will still have security holes.Read more