Find my Android phone using Google search

Now, Google’s Android Search app has been updated to offer a quick way to find your Android phone and help you find the correct software version, as reported by The Times Of India.

In its new app, Google Search will show you which software version of your phone you’re currently running, as well as what version of the phone is being used and whether it’s currently connected to your network.

This is an all-new feature and is meant to help you identify your phone’s exact manufacturer and model number, as Google’s own Search app still shows you the phone’s model number as well.

Google Search for Android 4.0.4 will now show you the exact model number of your Android 4G-equipped device and what version it’s running.

You can now search for a phone from within the app by clicking on the “Search for” link at the bottom right of the screen, as this is the most direct way to get to the right answer.

Searching for your Android smartphone from Google Search is also more accurate, as the phone model number displayed is a much more accurate approximation of the actual phone’s actual hardware and software specs.

The Google Search app is not yet available for iPhone, but it is available for Android devices running on Google’s Play Store.