How to watch the Olympics live on Android via Google Play app

This is the way to watch all the action on the big screen in style.

You can download the app for free and start watching the Olympics online right now.

This will let you watch any event live, including the closing ceremony.

You’ll need to have a Google Play account to access the stream, which is now available on the Google Play store.

There are also some other Google Play features that will let people stream content from their phones and tablets, including a live-streaming option.

These are not the only streaming apps that you’ll be able to access on Android.

Google has also launched the Play Music app for Android, which lets you stream songs, artists and other media from your music collection to the internet.

It will also let you stream video and audio from your Android device, including on Google TV.

Android TV has also been upgraded to a version of the platform, which includes live streaming for all of its content.

This version of Android TV will only work with Android phones, and will not be available on devices that don’t have an Android TV.

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