What’s next for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch?

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Gear, its newest smartwatch that promises to revolutionize how we wear our devices.

The Gear is available for preorder today, and it comes with two distinct styles.

The first is a sleek black-and-gold version, while the second is a black-on-black design with a blue dial.

The smartwatch’s biggest selling point is its camera, which can take photos and video up to 5K (16 megapixel) resolution.

However, the device’s battery life isn’t as impressive as it sounds.

The Galaxy Gear runs on a Samsung Exynos 5 Octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM, and there are 128GB of internal storage options.

It also has a 512GB solid-state drive.

There are two bands of sensors in the Gear, with an infrared sensor for measuring distance and an accelerometer for measuring the amount of force that a wrist is exerting.

The device also has Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, GPS, and NFC.

While the camera and sensors look promising, there’s still no indication that the device will be the best smartwatch on the market.

The company’s latest Gear is currently in beta testing, and the Galaxy Watch will be launched at CES this year.

It will be available in both black and gold.

It’s unclear when Samsung will launch its new smartwatch.

If the Gear does indeed become the best wearable device, it will also have a lot of competition.

Earlier this year, the Google Glass wearable was revealed.

Google announced it would be launching a smartwatch with Android Wear later this year and said that the new wearable would be able to work with the Google Photos app.

However that partnership hasn’t yet materialized.

The Google Glass has been praised by reviewers for its battery life, and Samsung has promised that it will last “more than 10 hours.”

But Samsung has been criticized for its price.

The Samsung Gear is $130.99, and Google has said that it’ll be launching an affordable smartwatch later this month.

We’ll find out whether Samsung can pull off the Android Wear smartwatch revolution in a few months, but we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a Samsung Galaxy Gear announcement in the near future.