Why do you need an Android 18.1 smartphone?

Five years ago, when we wrote about the new Android 18 OS, we wrote that it’s an improvement over Android 8.1, but that the new software was still missing some key features.

While Android 18 is a step in the right direction, it’s still missing the big features that make it one of the most important new Android releases of the year.

Here are our top five reasons why you need Android 18 to use it:1.

Touch ID fingerprint scanner on most devicesThe fingerprint scanner in Android 18 makes the phone feel like a true fingerprint scanner.

The software automatically creates a new fingerprint from your previous one.

You can unlock your phone by swiping down from the top of the screen and then holding down the fingerprint sensor.

It takes just seconds to get it right.

The fingerprint sensor has a capacitive touchpad with a unique shape that can be swiped across, but it’s easy to just swipe the finger across it.

You’ll also be able to tap the fingerprint scanner once, then swipe it away, so the fingerprint can’t be seen by others.

This allows you to use your fingerprint without opening the phone or opening the lock screen.2.

Fingerprint reader in the bottom right cornerThe bottom right of the fingerprint reader is the one you’ll use the most.

With it, you’ll be able take advantage of all the features of Android 18, such as unlocking the phone, taking photos, sending text messages, and accessing apps.

It has an automatic mode, so it can’t do anything until you press the fingerprint button again.

When you’re done, just tap the “Done” button to end the process.3.

Finger print scanner in the home screenWhen you’re in the Android home screen, the fingerprint is hidden in the leftmost column.

Tap on it to unlock the phone.

There’s also a notification bar in the top right corner that you can use to remind you to turn on the fingerprint.

You might also want to enable the fingerprint scanning feature, which you can do by long-pressing on the home button, or by tapping the fingerprint bar on the right side of the home.

You won’t be able see the fingerprint if you’re using a third-party camera.4.

Battery lifeThe battery life of Android phones is always an important issue, especially when it comes to battery life.

If you’re buying an Android phone, make sure you have enough battery to last you through a day of normal usage, but not too much so that you run out of juice.

You should always have at least two or three hours of battery life on a single charge.

You don’t need to worry about draining the battery as much as you can, but you might want to consider adding some extra battery to your device in the future.5.

Battery managementThere’s no better way to know how long your battery is than to check it on a real-world device.

The battery in an Android device will always have a green indicator.

If the green light turns red, it means that the battery is at a low charge.

If it turns green, the battery has reached its full charge.

We’ll be testing the battery on a device in our lab in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!