Android app developer: I’ll have a new team after the holidays

Android app developers who have built the core of an Android app before Christmas will receive a new manager to manage them.

That’s according to a new post by Android app evangelist and founder of AppPulse, Michael Diamandis. 

The post, published today, also mentions the new Android Developer Community Manager.

Diamonis previously worked at Google and then at the company that eventually became Google.

It’s unclear how many apps he’ll be working on for the new team. 

In a blog post announcing the new position, Diamons said he had already decided to go back to school. 

“I was a graduate student, and I had already completed the first two years of a two-year bachelor’s degree in computer science, which was a great career path,” Diamands post says.

“I knew I wanted to work on more than just a technical job.

I was looking for something more rewarding, and it seemed like a perfect fit for me.””

I had always been interested in the field of computer science and thought the position was a good fit for a long time, so I decided to take the plunge and take a chance on it,” Dias says in the post. 

What the post does not say is whether or not Diams will have to work with the team that will manage his existing apps.

Dias’ post does say that he’ll need to be a part of that team, which could be a bit of a stretch for him. 

There are some new details in the new post, including a mention that the new manager will be the first person in his organization to hold the title of “Android Developer.” 

“As I mentioned earlier, this will be a new role for me, and my role will be as the lead developer of an app,” Dios said in the blog post.

“It will also be my first opportunity to work in the Android Developer community, so as I look forward to taking on this role, I want to make sure that I’m being a good mentor for the team and make sure everyone has the tools and experience they need to grow the app.” 

The role, if he succeeds in retaining his job, will likely be a management role. 

AppPulse has been a bit quiet on the subject of who might fill his new position.

The new post doesn’t mention who’s on the team.

However, there are some interesting details in there that could lead to a role in the mobile team, such as the fact that the app that will be running in the manager’s new role is a beta version of the new version of Google Play. 

For now, Dias seems happy to remain on the project he’s built.

He said he was looking forward to working on apps, and he hopes to continue working on Android apps as long as he’s happy.

“I think I’m a little bit lucky,” Dries said.

“My wife and I are currently working on a new book, which we hope to release in the near future, so we’re looking forward a lot to getting started on that.” 

Image credit: Michael Dias, Flickr