Google releases Android 10.0 Lollipop for Apple TV, Android TV, Apple Watch, and Android TV Stick

Google is rolling out Android 10, a version of the operating system that it says is the “most advanced and flexible” version of Android yet.

The company says it has released Android 10 for the Apple TV and Android 2.3 for Apple Watch.

Google says that while the Android 10 release won’t be ready for public use until March, it will be available to users with Google TV and Google’s own Android TV set-top box.

Android 10 for Apple TVs and Google TV has been in development since last October, when Google announced a beta version of it.

The Android 10 version includes an updated version of Google Play services like Google Maps and Google Docs, plus support for the Chromecast Ultra, Android Wear 2.0, and the Chromium browser.

Google has said it will release Android 10 on all its platforms at some point in the future, but it hasn’t said when.

Google is also working on Android 10’s smart watch version, which it says will support all Android devices with Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

The device is expected to debut in Q2 2017, although Google hasn’t announced any specific details on its release date.

Google’s smart TVs, the company says, will support both the Android TV 2.1 operating system and the Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system, with the latter version expected to be “the most advanced and stable version of either OS.”

The Google Cast Smart TV will support the Google Cast, Google Play Music, and Google Play Movies services.

Google also announced Android 10 will support Apple TV 4K, which was recently updated to support Apple’s 4K TV.

Google has said the new Android 10 should be ready in the second half of the year.