Which android tablet is the best?

The most popular Android tablet is now the iPad Pro.

That’s according to an Android tablet analyst who found that the iPad Pros sales are “the highest of any Android tablet” and “the best of any tablet.”

The analyst, who goes by the handle Imessage on Android, said that sales of the iPadPro have surpassed that of the new iPad Pro and that the tablet “has the best overall customer experience.”

The iPad Pro has sold well, Imessage said, but “it still has a long way to go” in terms of market share.

“It has to do more with iPad Pro, iPad, iPad Pro than with the iPad itself,” he said.

“The tablet itself is very much a separate product.

I think that’s the key to its success.”

The iPad Pro sold more than 2 million units in its first week, compared to more than 1.2 million units for the iPad 2 and 1.6 million units of the original iPad.

Imessage also said that the new iPads iPad Pro sales have been “significantly lower” than those of the old iPad Pro because the tablet was sold out for several months before it hit the market.

The analyst also noted that Apple is “unhappy” with Imessage’s numbers because it’s not giving the iPad a fair shake.

“I would say that the numbers that I’m hearing about the iPad are not really fair, and that I think they’re not the real numbers,” Imessage told me.

The iPad Pros are really a very small percentage of all iPads sold in China.””

We actually saw that we had more iPads in stores than we had iPads.

The iPad Pros are really a very small percentage of all iPads sold in China.”

Imessage said that Apple’s sales numbers “do not seem to match up” with the numbers of the actual iPad Pro’s sales, but he added that it’s possible that “Apple has a lot more sales out there than what we’re seeing.”

“I think Apple is trying to put the iPad on the map.

It’s really the first tablet that we’ve seen that’s really doing well,” Imhers said.

He said that he thinks the iPad “has been able to grow the iPad brand and the Apple brand is able to go up because of that.”

Imhers noted that the original iPhone has also been “the most successful tablet in terms.

of iPad units, and it’s a tablet that is very appealing to consumers.”

Imessage also noted the iPad’s popularity, and said that people who are “somewhat concerned” about the tablet are probably more likely to buy it because of the “very good experience” it has.

Imhers also noted Apple’s strategy for making the iPad better: Apple has “created the first-ever tablet that can run all of Apple’s software,” and Imhers pointed to a number of apps, such as the popular Maps app, which can run on the iPad.

“Apple is now using this platform to create an app that can compete with Google Maps,” he added.