Australia to ban Facebook games after Australian Competition and Consumer Commission finds ‘inappropriate content’

Updated December 02, 2019 05:19:17The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued an advisory against the sale of Facebook games in Australia.

The advisory comes after the ACCC received a complaint about “inappropriate” content on the social network.

The ACCC issued a notice to Facebook on Monday, advising that it must take steps to prevent “inappropriately offensive content” from being sold to Australian users.

The notice stated that “the Australian Competition Tribunal (ACTC) has a jurisdiction to determine whether a video game or other interactive product is in breach of consumer protection laws”.

“The ACCT has jurisdiction over video game related material, including the provision of ‘inappropriately graphic’ content and video games that depict sexual activity,” the notice said.

The ACC said it will continue to investigate the matter and will not comment further until the matter is resolved.

Facebook has been embroiled in a row over its use of “toxic” language on its social network after a user posted about how to use a “bombshell” game to kill the boss of a video-game character.

The video game “The Evil Within” is a reboot of the “Demon’s Souls” series.

It has been downloaded more than 2 million times and has spawned an entire series of sequels.

The game features a demon called The Demon, who must be defeated to unlock new areas.

“You can play The Evil Within in the game, but I’m going to have to kill him to get the secrets, so I’m leaving that for the bosses,” the user wrote.

The user added that the game was “pretty bad”, adding: “There are lots of weapons and traps, and I’m just going to leave it at that for now.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it, please let me know.”

Facebook has responded by saying it is “troubled” by the user’s comments.

The game developer, Arkane Studios, has said it has “tried to provide a safe experience” and has removed “tens of thousands of offensive content”.

“We take our responsibility for these issues very seriously,” Facebook said in a statement.

“As a result of our investigation, we’ve removed some of the content from the platform and have removed some players that posted content that was inappropriate or not representative of our Community standards.”

Facebook said it would review the user complaint and will update users with updates.

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