‘Fatal accident’: Fireworks explode over Fortnite’s Fortnits

NEW YORK (AP) — A firework exploded over Fort Nite’s fortnits in New York, injuring several people.

Fireworks went off Saturday night, the National Weather Service in the city said.

The fireworks appeared to have come from the nearby Manhattan Bridge, which was closed because of the firestorm.

No injuries were reported.

Fort Nite spokesman Dan Fuchs said in a statement the fireworks were not intentional and were not meant to cause injury.

The fireworks were intended to celebrate the game, he said.

There were no reported injuries.

A spokeswoman for the New York City Fire Department said the fire was not caused by the fireworks, but the city’s fire department would continue to monitor the situation.

The fortnites are one of the most popular mobile games in the world.

It is made by Epic Games, an independent game development company based in Bellevue, Wash.