Google to sell its smart TV hardware and services to Samsung and LG [The Verge]

5K Google Home speakers are coming to LG’s smart TVs.

The big question is how many will they be.

The company’s Android TV device line was already a big success, with Android TVs already outselling Apple TVs, Roku TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, and Xbox TVs in 2017.

Now Google has revealed that it will also make its own smart TVs, though that hardware is likely to be LG’s.

LG announced in March that it would make a smart TV in 2017, though the hardware itself hasn’t been revealed yet.

The LG Chromecast will likely be the first.

The TV line, called Chromecast, is part of Google’s push to improve the TV experience with Google Assistant, and Google has been working on Chromecast hardware in-house since at least 2016.

This year, Google will release a pair of Chromecast-branded devices that will compete with the Apple TV as a streaming TV device.

The Chromecast 4K, which has the same resolution as the current Apple TV 4K (a 6K screen), will be available in late 2018.

The 5K Chromecast TV will debut in 2018.

LG’s Chromecast lineup of 5K TVs will likely include a 5K TV with a 4K resolution, a 6K TV, and a 5.1 speaker.

The new LG Chromecasts will also be available as standalone products with built-in speakers.

Google has also been rumored to be planning a Chromecast Ultra in 2018, which would have a 5,840×2,160 resolution, 4K streaming capabilities, and HDR support.

Google’s Chromecasters have been the best-selling Chromecast product since 2016, and the Chromecast Series 3 in 2017 saw nearly 4 million Chromecasting orders.