How Android can improve the health of your car

When it comes to driving your car, it is always a good idea to keep the car running and keep the driver’s attention on the road ahead.

In that case, it might be worth paying attention to the app that helps your phone keep up with your car.

And in a way, that is exactly what is happening with Google’s Android Auto platform.

The new update to Android Auto has a few major changes that make the car-tracking and safety features more efficient, according to Engadgets blog.

Here are some of the changes that are going to make life easier for you.

It is no longer necessary to manually install a third-party app in order to track the speed of your vehicle’s sensors.

Android Auto will now automatically download a third party app when you install a new app on your device.

For instance, you will no longer need to manually download and install a second app in your device to track your speed.

Google says that it will automatically download third-parties for many of the third-person-viewing features on Android Auto.

This will mean you will not need to install any third-Party apps if you use the third party apps in a third place.

The latest update to Google’s OS will now include a feature that lets you set the speed and direction that your vehicle is turning when you are not in the car.

This feature is called ‘lane-changing.’

For example, you could set the direction that the car is turning to make it more comfortable for you to use the road and for the other driver to see.

This new feature will be available in Android Auto in the coming weeks.

You will be able to set a speed in addition to a direction, which will be more intuitive.

And, you can now set the way the car will turn if it is not in use.

The feature will also make it easier to see how your car is moving if you are using a different car.

Google said that it was a big focus for the company when it was developing Android Auto, but it is now ready to move forward with the feature.

In fact, Google said it will now release Android Auto with an app called ‘Nike+.’

The new feature in Android Automatics will be a ‘virtual lane-change’ feature that will automatically start when the driver is not looking at the road or in a different vehicle.

The app will let you see how the car has changed its speed, its direction, and even how far it is from the road.

The company also said that Android Auto would support virtual lane-changes in addition, the ‘Nikes+’ app will be the only app that will support lane-changing.

The ‘Nikis+’ feature will allow users to see lane-differences on the maps and on the phone.

The Google Auto app will have a new feature that can help drivers navigate the road more efficiently.

This is a feature called ‘Lane Check.’

You will see a green ‘Lanes’ icon when you try to navigate in a new direction or turn.

You can tap this icon and see how many lanes your car has and how fast it is moving.

The green icon means your car can move at a speed faster than normal.

It also means that your car will have more lanes than normal when you turn left or right on the highway.

When you see the green ‘Niki’ icon, your car may have two lanes on each side of it.

To navigate in this direction, you must be able tap the green lane indicator.

To find out the lane your car’s traveling in, tap on the lane indicator to see the number of lanes your vehicle has.

The more lanes you have, the faster your car should move.

The update to the Google Android Auto OS also adds a ‘smart lane’ feature to the driver interface that allows drivers to have an overview of their surroundings.

The driver will be shown the green status bar on the dashboard that shows the time the car was at, the distance it was from the next lane, and the current speed.

The bar will also show a number of ‘NIKI’ symbols that will show the speed the car had and the distance that it had traveled.

This means that the driver will also be able look at the speed indicator to better know how fast they are moving.

It will also display the current time that the vehicle was in that lane.

You also can look at this indicator to find out how far ahead of you the vehicle is, and what the current distance is.

You cannot look at either the lane indicators or the speed indicators at the same time, but you can still turn your head to look at both.

The Smart Lane feature is a big improvement over the previous Smart Lane mode, and it will help you see what your car was doing when it did not want to go where it was supposed to.

It allows the driver to quickly and easily adjust the speed on the dash of the car, but there is still a lot of work to