How to watch a live TV show live from your Android device

When watching live TV on your Android phone or tablet, you will have a limited amount of available content.

You can’t play any recorded TV programs, watch TV programmes on demand or even download live TV shows.

However, you can use the Google Cast service to stream live TV programmes to your Android devices.

This is a good idea, especially if you are a new user and don’t have any previous experience with Android apps.

With Google Cast, you do not need to use any Google Apps or Google Play Services installed on your phone or tablets.

However there are limitations to the live TV service.

You cannot watch live TV programs from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video.

You must have an Android device with a 4G network.

You may need to have an active subscription to watch live television.

However you may also find that Google Cast does not work well on devices with limited bandwidth or network.

There is a way to stream your live TV programme on your Google Cast device and then to watch it on your device on a device other than your phone.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you need to download the Google TV app from the Apple App Store.

Once you have downloaded the GoogleTV app, you must sign in to your Google account using your Google login.

Once the Google login is signed in, you have access to the GoogleCast app and can stream your favourite TV shows and movies to your device.

You will have access only to a limited number of shows and videos.

For example, you cannot watch shows on Netflix or watch shows from Amazon Prime Video.

However if you have a 4K TV or a big screen smartphone, you may be able to access live TV channels such as AMC, TLC, HBO or even HBO Now.

If your Android smartphone is capable of streaming to a 4k TV, you should download the 4K YouTube app to stream to your phone as well.

Google Cast is a great service for people looking for a simple, easy way to watch their favourite shows, movies and music.