New Android devices can now download and share music and video from your smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth controller

NEW YORK (AP) — New Android phones can now use a Bluetooth controller on their displays to send music and videos from your smartphone or tablet to your television box, a new update from Google.

The Google-made controllers, which have been sold separately since last year, have the ability to send data to your smart TV, as well as stream music from an Apple device or an Android device.

It’s a significant step forward for an industry that’s been slow to embrace smart home devices, which typically require a wireless connection.

Google announced its devices earlier this month.

Google’s controller, which has been sold as a standalone device, has been available for about two years and is available at Amazon and other retailers.

Its price is $39.99.

But the controllers are now available on Android phones as well, including Google’s Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Google Play Edition.

The controller has been a boon for consumers, who can control their Android devices via their smartphones, tablets or PCs.

They can access the controls via a built-in Android browser or from their phones’ homescreens.

But some of those users have complained that the controller is too cumbersome to use.

Google hasn’t been shy about encouraging users to adopt its smart home gadgets, offering free updates for Android and iOS users who want to use the controller.

Google’s latest release, called Android TV, includes a new controller that’s compatible with iOS devices.

The new controllers are available to anyone who buys an Android phone, tablet or PC from Google Play.

The company has not yet made them available to Android TV users.