Obama on Android: The Best Android Podcast app

Obama on Twitter: “I hope @POTUS will make it easier for us to get #AndroidPodcasts #IOS #android to #mydevice!”

The Hill article Obama: “Android Podcast app on the way to my smartphone.”

Obama on Twitter, March 7, 2017: “Thank you to @AP for giving me the opportunity to host #AndroidPod at the White House.”

Obama: “@AP is a fantastic company.

I’ve been working with them for years.”

Obama in a video interview, March 10, 2017, for The Washington Post.

Obama on YouTube, March 19, 2017.

Obama: I think the @AP app is fantastic.

I have to say I’m a huge fan.

“Obama and his staff are expected to deliver the app to the White.

Obama: I am going to make an app to get podcast subscriptions from my @AP account.

I’m just not going to wait.

Obama on Facebook, March 24, 2017 (transcript via The Hill): I’m going to have a new podcast app for #Android and iOS.

The app will include a #Android Podcasts app and will be free.

Obama said he plans to deliver a new app to AP users by next week.

The new app will offer access to a wider variety of podcasts, including news and current affairs.

Obama said he is also going to allow users to subscribe to podcasts from the WhiteHouse.com website.

Obama has said he wants to provide more tools to consumers to stream podcasts.

The new podcast subscription option will be available to APs and other AP users, WhiteHouse staff said.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.