What’s next for the Cash app?

Cash app is getting a new update in Android 21, which introduces a new cash-only feature, a new currency for payments and the addition of a cash card.

The new feature is a cash-pay option, which lets you pay with your phone or online with no need to swipe the card.

The new Cash app for Android will allow users to earn cash and cash equivalents for everyday transactions, like buying a new coat or groceries.

The feature is currently available in the US and Canada, and will launch in India in the coming weeks. 

The new feature comes after the introduction of the Cash Cash card in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The cash card was announced by Paytm, the leading Indian online payment service, in September last year.

It is also available in India, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

Cash Cash is a credit card-like app, which offers a feature that allows users to use their cash to pay for anything, including purchases at shops and restaurants, as well as the purchase of goods.

Users can set up the app to receive cash directly from their bank account, and can withdraw cash from their Cash Cash account to pay their bills, rent or even pay bills in a bank account.

The app lets users swipe a Visa card to pay, and it also lets users pay in cash, either with a phone or a card reader.

“Our goal is to be one of the best in the world at offering cash as an option for people to make cash payments,” said Prabhjot Singh, VP and General Manager, Payments at Paytm.

“With the launch of Cash Cash, we will continue to evolve and make Cash more attractive to our users and offer cash as a payment option.”

The Cash app features the same basic functionality as the Cash card, but now it is a feature exclusive to Cash Cash users.

The Cash Cash feature also brings new features to the app, like the ability to transfer funds between Cash and Cash Cash accounts, as you can now create a Cash Cash Balance with a single tap.

“We are very excited about Cash Cash and the benefits it offers to our customers, and are looking forward to bringing Cash Cash to more markets,” said Singh.