When you need to turn your Android phone off and on again, you can switch back and forth with a simple, and fast, gesture

You’ve got Android on your wrist, and you’ve got a phone plugged into it.

Now it’s time to switch things up, like turn your phone off to unlock the lock screen, switch back to your phone and back to the lockscreen to unlock your device.

With a couple simple gestures, you could unlock a phone from a single tap of your wrist.

It’s the same gesture you can make when using your smartwatch.

That’s because Google is already releasing a new gesture API, called Android Auto, that lets you switch back, forward and hide your device from your phone’s lock screen.

The only difference is that you’ll need to press the “OK” button, rather than the “Stop” button on your phone, when you’re done.

To do this, go to Settings > About phone > Software updates and tap “Android Auto” when prompted.

You can use this gesture, which is similar to the “switch to a different app” gesture, to turn off your phone from the lock menu.

For example, you’ll see the phone icon at the top of the lock panel, as well as a message that says “Turn off your Android device.”

You’ll then see a list of applications you want to turn on, and a “Stop icon” to show you how to do it.

When you want your phone to be turned on again from the unlock menu, just press the back button on the phone, and the device will start to vibrate again.

You can also use this same gesture to unlock a lock screen again by holding the back key for a few seconds.

This time, the device won’t vibrate until you tap the “Start” button.

To turn off a phone while in your car, press the home button on a connected Android phone, then use your finger to push the volume up or down on the screen, and then the “lock” icon will appear.

To turn on a phone using the “Switch to a Different App” gesture and press the phone’s power button, press and hold the home and power buttons at the same time.

To unlock your phone while driving, hold down the volume down and the “Home” and “Volume Down” buttons, and use your fingertip to press down on your fingerprint sensor, and “Ok” to turn the phone on again.