How to remove Adblocker on Android

If you’re not familiar with Adblock, it’s a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that blocks ads from running.

In its default setting, it blocks all ads on your computer from appearing, including YouTube and Twitter ads.

But you can disable it if you want.

Adblock can also block certain websites and applications.

This article explains how to remove it on Android.

AdBlock can block ads on YouTube, but if you don’t want to see ads, you can also use a tool called AdBlock Plus, which is a free tool for Android.

You can find AdBlock on Google Play.

For Android, you’ll also need to enable the Google Play store and update your device’s device settings.

You’ll also have to install a Google Chrome extension called Adblock.

Here’s how to get started.


Download AdBlockPlus AdblockPlus is a tool that lets you block ads and other annoying content on your Android device.

It doesn’t include the ability to block YouTube ads, but it will do so for you.

This extension lets you download and install apps that block ads.

It’s not the best way to block all ad blocking, but you can still block the ads that Google is currently blocking on your device.

Adblocks Plus will also let you block websites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more.


Open AdBlock app Open the AdBlock App on your phone.

Tap on AdBlock.

Tap the Settings button.

Tap Advanced.

Tap Privacy.

Tap Add New App.

Choose AdBlock Premium.

Select AdBlocker.

You should now see a list of all the apps you can add to your Android app.

You might need to check a few of the options for AdBlock, as some of them won’t work on Android 4.4.3 and up.

You need to select the Adblock app you want to add it to. 3.

Add the extension to your app Open Adblock Plus.

Tap Save.

Tap OK.

When you open the Adblocks app, tap the app icon next to AdBlock and then tap Add App.

Make sure the adblocking extension you selected is selected.


Install the extension Install AdBlock with AdBlock as the extension.

Open the Extensions tab.

Tap AdBlock to open AdBlock’s settings.

Tap Enable.

Click Install.

Ad Block will appear on your screen, which you’ll need to tap to install.

You will be prompted to accept the terms of service.

You won’t see any ads or other notifications.

You must click the Accept button to begin using AdBlock for the first time.

You don’t need to install AdBlock when you install it, but AdBlock will install itself automatically.


Start blocking YouTube, Facebook and Twitter advertisements You’ll notice that your YouTube and Facebook videos will now appear on the home screen.

You’re also able to block ads that are running on your Google Play account.

You also have the option to block certain apps from running, but not YouTube or Facebook.

Adblocking is still a powerful tool, so if you need to block everything you can, it’ll be worth it.

If you’ve ever used Adblock on iOS or Android, it might be worth the extra effort to add AdBlock PLUS to your application so that it can block the Google ads on iOS and Android.