What’s New in Google’s Notes App Android App (Android version 5.1)

Google has rolled out a new Google Docs app for Android users.

This new app is not a replacement for the existing Google Doc app, but rather it’s an improvement on the previous one.

The new Docs is more responsive, has a better layout, and is built for tablets and smartphones.

It’s also compatible with Google’s new Android M browser.

Google Doc’s main feature is a new feature called “notes” that allows users to make notes, edit and share them, and send them to other people.

The app has a new layout that makes it easier to read and navigate, and a new tabbed interface that gives users easy access to notes, notes, and more.

If you want to learn more about the new Doc, head to the link below to download the free Google Doc.

Note: this post was originally published July 6, 2018.