Which is better? – Google’s new smartwatch or Apple’s iPhone?

When Apple announced its new smartwatches and iPhone last year, the question of which one to get was debated.Apple Watch and Apple iPhone were both big names in the smartwatch market, but the Apple Watch had the Apple brand, while the iPhone was known for its popularity with consumers.Today, the Apple iPhone 6 Plus has […] →Read more

The new Android app for developers is not ready for prime time

Android app developers are not ready to take advantage of the Android 4.4 KitKat release and will have to wait a while for the new Android 5.0 update, a new version of the popular Google Play Store app for the device that allows developers to build their own apps.The version of Android 5 for Developers […] →Read more

How to Unlock Your Android Phone from Home, from the App Store

The Google Play store has a very handy feature for Android phones.It allows you to download the latest updates for the device and then download an updated version from the official Google Play Store.For example, you can download the Google Play update for the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the LG G3 […] →Read more

How to remove Adblocker on Android

If you’re not familiar with Adblock, it’s a free extension for Chrome and Firefox that blocks ads from running.In its default setting, it blocks all ads on your computer from appearing, including YouTube and Twitter ads.But you can disable it if you want.Adblock can also block certain websites and applications.This article explains how to remove […] →Read more

What’s New in Google’s Notes App Android App (Android version 5.1)

Google has rolled out a new Google Docs app for Android users.This new app is not a replacement for the existing Google Doc app, but rather it’s an improvement on the previous one.The new Docs is more responsive, has a better layout, and is built for tablets and smartphones.It’s also compatible with Google’s new Android […] →Read more

Which record player can you use for your Android device?

When it comes to recording audio and video calls, there are several recorders on the market that are popular among Android users.Most of them have built-in microphones, so you can use them for calls.However, there is also an Android-powered device that will record audio and audio calls with just your voice.That device is called the […] →Read more

When you need to keep an eye on the weather, here’s how to do it on Android 11

The weather on Android is going to change in the near future.But it’s not quite as exciting as what Apple’s latest operating system has to offer, and that means you can do a lot more with your Android devices than just weather updates.The big news here is that Android 11.0.2 is rolling out to users […] →Read more

When you have no time for the internet, use the internet in the comfort of your home

Android smartphones are becoming increasingly more ubiquitous and their screen size is steadily increasing, but are they ready to take over the world?In this episode, we look at the future of smartphones and see how we can build a better world with them.Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts or RSS. →Read more

How to make a simple iOS app that can run on Android 12 (and possibly other versions)

It’s a common refrain amongst app developers, and one that has a lot of support from Apple in the iOS world.“I’ve always wanted to create an app for iOS that runs on Android devices, and I’m finally ready to make that dream come true,” said Matt LeBlanc, creator of the upcoming app, which will be […] →Read more

When you’re a bit too cute to be a phone…

A new Android TV app called New Android TV will let you turn your smartphone into a tablet and even play Android games on it.New Android TV lets you watch videos, play games, and use a keyboard and mouse while using a remote.It’s a neat concept that will likely appeal to many smartphone gamers who […] →Read more